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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Love Redux

Was struck with a thought about the weight of the love that most people talk of. Unconditional or Otherwise. Selfless. Selfish. No matter how you look at it - it expects a return. Acknowledgement. Receipt. If not, it causes the "giver" distress. The distress is what gives me trouble. (:) It struck me, the other day, that you give only of your_self. The weight of what (something) you give, is proportional, somehow directly, to the love that you have for your_self. If you do not love yourself, you present a void. And it is this interplay of the void and the something that gives life to a relationship. To par_take of something, there has to be a void of correspondence. Or else, that something just bounces off - wasted. Sometimes elegantly. Wasted nevertheless. And therefore, a relationship, alive, is that which sustains this interplay. Love is incomplete till you learn to partake of it gracefully. And for that, either you are void, or you create one.

Just a thought. Wasted. Entropic as usual.


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