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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Two Weeks

Chronicle of a Death Foretold : Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Found this to be a tightly knit tale. I am yet to read any of his other stories.

Science Good, Bad and Bogus : Martin Gardner
Skepticism is okay, but I got the feeling that Gardner takes it too far and too often, throughout the book.

The Naked Ape : Desmond Morris
Read this finally - six years after I bought the book. Found it to be very readable and reasonable, albeit a bit conjectural at the best of times. It does not feel like science.

The Remains of The Day : Kazuo Ishiguro
A delightful book and my first Ishiguro. I had witheld reading this till the time I felt I would be able to appreciate it fully. Extremely well-written.

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