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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Defence Rests

What happens next? Will the champions of Hindutva go around the country destroying temple murals, breaking down monuments, and burning manuscripts and folios?
Maybe? But seriously, the only question that is asked is whether Traditional Artists who paint what forms the basis of the protest have been harassed by these Hindutva goons. Have they? Other than penury enforced upon by a changing social and economic climate, have they been threatened? If not, then the question remains - why is it that they are allowed to go into natural decline and oblivion, whereas the more established, contemporary and media savvy artists are targeted? How much of it has to do with Hindu Culture and how much with the regime of Information?

A little thought experiment might be in order. Assume that the Hindutva goons found an opportunity to gain a bit of coverage / prominence by doing what they did. Now assume that the media itself did feel that it was a minor matter and did not deserve any attention - there are far more important things clamouring for space. Would the matter have gone any farther than it did? Let such events become snippets of news ( at best ) and see if the behaviour is going to be repeated. Mr Hoskote's question above would find its answer.

What do I believe? I don't. Just curious, would do.

~ Advocatus Diaboli

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