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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Try and imagine an unfettered imagination; perverse too, sometimes. Also try and imagine that You are the auteur of your life's autobiography as it writes itself. Acknowledge yourself as the fussy and, again sometimes, obsessive film critic and audience rolled into one. And then you have the whole media circus within - some of them walk a tightrope ( not too well ) and some do flip-flops ( mostly flops ). And then imagine the whole shebang reflected in the world without. Or, if you prefer it the other way around, you contain the world within while remaining within it without ...

The narrator / voiceover / commentator / elf / troll / urchin perched on your shoulder carries on metronomically, punctuating the spaces of your existence.

And that is the story that this blog does not tell. Maybe it does.

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