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Friday, June 15, 2007


I have never been able to imagine, leave alone understand, the concepts of Man vs Nature, Man against Nature, Man outside of Nature and such like. If Evolution be accepted as the Gospel Truth, then all Human Endeavour and Behaviour must necessarily stem from it. The culture that we assimilate throughout our lives is also something that must have been / is part of the evolutionary process and the fact that we as supposed free agents make individual choices has to be a facet of Natural Selection operating at a level that is, as yet, far too complex for us to comprehend intimately. Is it impossible for us to conceive of Natural Selection looking out through our eyes / senses and utilising the processing power of our brains, in a manner that is, as yet, not known and may never be.

I mean, you can't really imagine stepping outside of this Universe / Multiverse / whatever to observe and reflect upon it and yourself. Can you? Even the shifting sands of morality must kow-tow to the same rationale. No?

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